What turn around time (TAT) do you offer?
Turn around time normally vary between 24 to 48 hours. We have shorter turn around time for diagnostic study reports. STAT requests are processed in 1 to 3 hours. Nevertheless, TAT is customizable depending on your needs.
Do you provide STAT options?
Yes, we do provide STAT options. STAT requests are processed in 1 to 3 hours.
How do you assure high accuracy? What measures do you take to ensure consistency?
All transcribed reports go through three levels of quality check. Our Quality Management System (QMS) gives us a better edge on quality. Please refer to our QUALITY section for more details.
What are your rates?
Rates depend on services you purchase and various other factors. Rest assured they are competitive in the market with the quality of service we render. Please contact our Sales Department for further information on our products and services at 866-473-5655 or drop an email to sales@Uroscribes.com.
How do I send files to you?
Your voice files will be encrypted and transmitted to secure server. We provide three dictation options:
    (1) Telephone dictation (toll-free dial-in numbers)
    (2) Handheld digital voice recorders
    (3) PC mic or PDA.
We also integrate interface with third-party dictation system.
After giving you the dictations, how do I get my transcripts back?
We provide convenient options for you to manage and retrieve transcribed documents, making you more efficient in handling your documentation.
    (1) Web-based file-monitoring system.
    (2) Password-protected encrypted zip folders sent to you through email
    (3) Fax transmission and remote printing
    (4) EMR data integration
    (5) Secure file transfer protocol (sFTP)
Do we need to install special software or purchase additional hardware?
No. You need not purchase any software or hardware to get started. Uroscribes provides robust document management system. As long as you have Internet Explorer 5.0+, Windows 2000 or better, you can access your reports from any computer with Internet connectivity.
Can you explain me how exactly the transcription work is performed?
We have a well-established process to manage our transcription workflow. Click here to learn how we work.
I am a physician solely practicing in my own clinic. How do I get my transcription work done from you?
As soon as you decide to hire our services, our Implementation Department will work with you and assist you in getting started with dictation & transcription process.
What medical specialties do you handle?
We transcribe all types of reports for all specialties. We have different teams of transcriptionists with expertise in different specialties.
How is the billing done? Do I get the particulars of my billing?
Invoices are generated bi-weekly and monthly. We prepare transparent itemized billing reports with line count and minute count details on each and every file processed by us.
Do you provide customized formatting for reports? What is the charge?
Yes, we do provide customized formatting for each of your reports, per your needs. Our implementation team will work with you in acquiring your specific report templates. They will then format them and prior to implementing them, the templates are sent for your review and approval.
Can you interface with EMR?
Yes, we can interface with most of the EMRs in the market today.
Is your system HIPAA compliant?
Yes, all our services and applications are 100% HIPAA compliant. We use 128-bit encryption for all file transfers. For secure network connections, applications like Citrix and VPN are used. For more details, please visit our HIPAA page.
Our practice is very large. Can you handle our output?
Uroscribes has myriad of transcriptionists working for us. Whatever your organization’s size is, we can handle any volume immediately.
Do you provide customized formatting for reports?
Absolutely! Uroscribes enables all your doctors and other staff to dictate and access their transcripts from any locations anytime.
Do we have to commit all of our transcription work to you?
No. We do not require you to commit all of your transcription work to us.